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Light planning

Light planning value is under strong devaluation pressure for a long time thanks to attempts of many producers to offer it free to fuel sales of their lighting fixtures. It makes many customers think that light planning is one of the easiest thing in the world. All one needs is to learn light calculation software.

This simplification does not work even in cases that are looking like easy to do. ‘Simple’ solution focusing on average lux levels on horizontal surface ignore complexity of a whole system. Recognizing and consideration of numerous important factors defining the system and its complexity is the real key to meaningful lighting solution. One need to be experienced in physics, psychology, design, business consulting, engineering and so on. Finally, it defines lighting as a piece of art and people who can create it.

Our expertise is rooted in long-term experience of working for our customer’s branches, holistic approach and some unique authorial methods and know how allowing to digitalize human perception and impact on our customer’s businesses of lighting atmosphere.

Professional Installation

On site and remote installation and installation support services are available.

Creation of customized lighting fixtures

Traditionally lighting industry offers either technical or decorative lighting fixtures. However, combination of technical engine with decorative design within one lighting fixture is possible. Like in the one developed for AB DAILY setting a new standard. It brings customers attention, defines the zone and highlighting goods on shelves simultaneously.  

Combination of spot and diffused lighting is desirable for good presentation of clothes at a fitting room. Light designers usually use a set of lighting fixtures with different types of optical systems to reach this effect. LEDBOX experts created customized spot fitted with diffuser to eliminate sharp shadows for HELEN YARMAK fitting room. Customers trying on feather coats have a feeling of a fashion show podium and photo studio at the same time.

Lighting control systems design

Meaningful application of lighting control systems (LCS) may turn lighting concept on a new quality level.

Motivation for implementation of lighting control systems are multiple: direct economic effect via electricity consumption reduction, following newest ecological regulations, an attempt to decrease ‘human factor’ mistakes, and getting advanced parameters of lighting solution (like management of light dynamic or color temperature) that cannot be reached by other technical means.

Lately we indicate distinctive demand not only in office or industrial lighting but in HORECA and retail as well. Light color management transforming general lighting into human centric lighting supporting daily biological rhymes became comparatively price reasonable and thus available option.